General terms and conditions

Contractual terms and conditions for the sale of tickets for the Störtebeker Festival in Ralswiek (Organizer: Störtebeker Festspiele GmbH & Co KG).

1.) Contract conclusion

  1. The contract is concluded when the buyer requests and registers for one or more admission tickets from the organizer (offer), and the organizer confirms the purchase, or transfers/sends the admission tickets to the buyer or allows the admission tickets to be collected (acceptance).

  2. Ant buyer who is not the sole visitor (i.e. who does not buy the ticket(s) exclusively for herself/himself), guarantees that the visitor receiving the ticket has understood these terms and conditions and accepts them.

  3. The admission fee results from the price list of the organizer. In addition to the ticket price, we charge a shipping fee and a system fee. A list of shipping costs and the fees are shown during the order process. Prices for children are valid up to and including 15 years of age. We do not grant group discounts for Saturdays. Children up to 4 years of age receive free admission if they do not use their own seat.

  4. The purchase of admission tickets for the purpose of commercial resale is prohibited without the prior written consent of the organizer.

2.) Payment / shipping and pick-up of tickets

  1. Payments of the total admission price (purchase price for the admission ticket, shipping fees, system fee) must be made within 10 days (date of receipt of payment is decisive) to the account of Störtebeker Festspiele GmbH & Co. KG, Sparkasse Vorpommern Rügen, IBAN: DE23150505000833001809, BIC: NOLADE21GRW. The buyer will then receive the admission tickets immediately at the mailing address specified by her/him.

The shipment of the admission tickets takes place by mail in a letter.

Please check immediately after receiving the admission tickets whether we have sent you the correct admission tickets for the desired performance.

  1. Should no payment be made within 10 days of the ticket order, the reservation will be canceled (i.e. actual reservation of your seats will take place only upon receipt of payment).

  2. If the purchase of and/or payment for admission tickets occurs less than 10 days before the performance, the tickets will no longer be sent to the buyer by mail. In this event, the admission tickets will be deposited at the box office in Ralswiek and may be picked up during our business hours by presenting the booking number and the identity card of the person collecting the tickets. If the customer and the buyer are not identical, the person collecting the tickets must prove with a power of attorney that she/he is authorized to pick them up.

On the day of the performance, unpaid tickets must be picked up at the box office by 6 pm – otherwise they will be returned to open sale irrevocably.

Unfortunately, no telephone purchases are possible on the day of the performance. Tickets may only be purchased after this time directly at the box office or at one of the numerous ticket agencies.

3.) Revocation, exchange and return of tickets

There is no right of revocation regarding the sale of admission tickets for a scheduled theater event in accordance with § 312g para. 2 no. 9 BGB – your ticket purchase is therefore binding.

4.) The visitor’s attendance

  1. The visitor must continue to carry the admission ticket with her/him after admission and to present it or any other provided access authorization on request at any time.

  2. As the holder of the admission ticket, the visitor is entitled to a one-time entry in the organizer’s performance stated on the ticket. The admission ticket loses its validity upon leaving the event.

  3. The visitor must behave in such a way that the organizer, artist, other visitors and third parties are not harmed, endangered or harassed.

  4. The instructions of the organizer and the security service must be obeyed.

  5. It is forbidden for the visitor

    1. to disturb the course of events,

    2. to smoke outside the designated smoking areas,

    3. to commit, assist, or instigate criminal, irregular or unfavorable acts;

    4. to smudge, damage or remove equipment or systems,

    5. to soil the venue,

    6. to undertake advertising of any kind or to distribute leaflets or other materials, unless the organizer has previously expressly allowed this in writing,

    7. to use the visit of the event for political, religious or offensive expression of opinion,

    8. to photograph, film or otherwise record the event or third parties in whole or in part, unless the organizer has expressly permitted this in writing.

In the event of a violation, the organizer may exclude the visitor from the event. In this event, the visitor is not entitled to a refund of the total admission price.

5.) Changes to seating or the program, cancellation of a performance

  1. The organizer may assign the visitor a seat other than the intended seat if the alternative allocation is necessary and required.

  2. The organizer reserves the right to change parts of the performance. This is especially true if an artist is absent, for example, due to illness, or the change is necessary for technical, staffing or security reasons.

  3. For letters a. and b., the visitor, or the buyer, if she/he is not the visitor, has no claim to reduction or reimbursement of the total admission price if the change is not significant and is reasonable for the visitor.

  4. The organizer may cancel the performance because of force majeure or for reasons of respect or offer the visitor an alternative date. Reasons of respect apply if funeral flagging is ordered, presented, or will be presented in the Ralswiek region, or if a serious accident or incident occurs within 24 hours before the start of the event, which is reported about in the Ralswiek region in the vast majority of media, or if the incident happened more than 24 hours ago, but the coverage in the vast majority of the media is still present through special broadcasts, or if comparable events are canceled due to the same incident. In this event, the organizer shall refund the purchase price of the admission ticket; further claims for damages are excluded.

6.) Recording by the organizer

The organizer may create photos and videos of the event and visitors during the performance and place them on its website or use them for advertising purposes.

The visitor hereby consents to this.